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Our mission is to bring reality capture closer to everyone and empower them to create their own immersive content. Together, we are:

  1. A team of self-starter, mission driven individuals: we are building something that will define the next generation of content creation. We share ideas, work on them, and inspire everyone because we are building something we are proud of.
  2. Bringing out the best in each other: We love constructive criticism and always push each other to get better at what they do. “Feedforwards” instead of Feedbacks is the mantra.
  3. Growth driven and diverse: Our diverse team (6 different nationalities!) brings strong experience in 3D Vision, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and building startups. We challenge the status quo because we believe our technology will democratize creation of volumetric content.
We are looking for technology enthusiasts and creatives who believe in the future of augmented reality to come help us define the next phase in volumetric content creation. Come, join us!

Open positions


Deep Learning & Computer Vision Engineer

Do you love cracking deep neural networks? Do you live and breath optimising deep learning architectures and maximising their performance? Are you insanely intrigued with the idea that your algorithms will be part of a technology that will disrupt the AR market and the way people create volumetric video content? Do you want to contribute towards a truly innovative product the market has never seen before? Do you want to be part of an extremely ambitious and talented team who are on a mission to make this product a reality? Then definitely this job is for you! Find out more about this role here.

Software Engineer - Unreal Engine

Are you passionate about AR/VR experiences and applications? Are you able to think creatively and resolve technical challenges and limitations? Are you artistically as well as technically inclined? Do you enjoy working with extremely talented people? Are you intrigued by the idea that you will develop a plug-in that will allow many creatives to integrate their volumetric video assets in Unreal Engine? Then definitely this job is for you! Find out more about this role here.


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