Multi-view capture

Works with different camera configurations. Capture in our green-screen studio, but also in your own studio, or arrange a custom capture space and we will bring our cameras.

Volumetric video right in your hands

Use our reconstruction technology to create high-quality volumetric video sequences: volograms. You can choose the right polygon count and texture resolution to guarantee the best performance.

Next level VR/AR experiences

Create immersive applications for any VR/AR headset or enabled mobile device. Our volograms can even be used to create Snapchap AR lenses or Instagram AR effects.


We make it easy to integrate our volograms with your pipeline.
Magic Leap
Lens Studio
Spark AR Studio


Presenting events, as a vologram

The best way to impress your audience using volumetric video and augmented reality.

Swift at Trinity Library
Using volumetric video to augment cultural experiences

Make cultural experiences fun and engaging by bringing history to life.

Snapchat demo
Marketing activation campaigns using Snapchat and Facebook

Transform anyone into an AR camera effect and distribute it through the main social networks.


Find out how you can bring your VR/AR experiences to the next level with our technology.
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